Inicio NanoSponge Mini NanoSponge Mini Review: Better Than a Traditional Sponge?

NanoSponge Mini Review: Better Than a Traditional Sponge?

NanoSponge Mini is a Nanolon® Fiber dish wipe with a huge number of finger-like projections that help with cleaning. The official site is, with an enlistment date of March 2018. The image below was taken of the item site in January 2018.

Cases and Features

  • Fabricated from extreme, yet pliable, Nanolon® fiber.
  • Cleans with 3000 small silicone fingers.
  • Won’t cause scratches.
  • Hostile to bacterial and impervious to buildup.
  • Adaptable outline considers numerous employments.
  • Flushes clean and furthermore alright for dishwasher.
  • Hang dry with the inherent suction glass.


An arrangement of 2 NanoSponge Mini costs $0, only paying $9.95 for shipping. There is a discretionary twofold offer that includes an extra arrangement of 3 wipes for an expense of $3.95. Picking this twofold offer would bring the aggregate to $13.90. I discovered NanoSponge Mini at a nearby Bed Bath and Beyond for $15 for a three-pack in August 2017.

NanoSponge Mini Review

There are a few words that appear to over and over show up in the names of As Seen on TV items, for example, wonder, EZ, or better. With the NanoSponge Mini, we have an item that should be a change over the deep rooted kitchen apparatus. Be that as it may, does it truly enhance customary wipes?

An average kitchen wipe is an engineered impersonation of a characteristic wipe. These cellulose fiber impersonations have a permeable surface which helps get earth and grime when cleaning or wiping. After some time, be that as it may, they destroy and start to notice terrible.

Presently with the NanoSponge Mini, we have a thing that utilizations little silicone finger that can be utilized to clean or rub. Its outline additionally makes it more flexible, enabling you to reach customarily difficult to achieve places, for example, within a thin glass or in tight corners. It doesn’t destroy rapidly or hold scents.

While I don’t think NanoSponge Mini completely satisfies the publicizing buildup, there are merits.


  • Adaptable. It can be utilized as a build up brush to get pet hair from dress, or as a potholder or container opener.
  • These wipes don’t hold any scent after utilize.
  • Solid. These don’t destroy rapidly.
  • Functions admirably for most scouring needs.
  • Malleable. They overlay and form glasses and other odd shapes effortlessly.


  • There is no retentiveness at all. In the event that you require it to get water or flotsam and jetsam, as though you’re cleaning a ledge, this may disillusion.
  • Cleanser tends to overflow appropriate out, which could likewise identify with an absence of receptiveness.
  • It’s hard to motivate cleanser to froth or foam.

As should be obvious from the upsides and downsides, it may not be better, but rather it is extraordinary. In the event that you need it to essentially do light cleaning of dishes, it could be a solid match for you. On the off chance that you need it for wiping counters or hard scouring, I don’t think NanoSponge Mini will awe.

I think by definition, a wipe should be spongy, so I’d likely call this «NanoSponge Mini Scrubber» since it is by all accounts a scrubber and not a wipe.

Final Words…

Combining everything that we’ve learned about the NanoSponge Mini, can you truly expect the product to be as versatile and useful as described on the website and in its commercial?

One the one hand, the sponge’s wide range of potential uses is certainly attractive, especially for those who like the idea of one “companion” product that can help out with multiple things in and around the home. We can even imagine that some readers may find great value in just one of the fringe uses, such as using the device as a dedicated pet hair brush, to use one example.

All the same, the NanoSponge Mini’s primary function is as a cleaning tool, and as consumers ourselves, we’d feel hesitant to make a purchase based on this alone when the numerous negative experiences recounted on Amazon tell a very different story than the one told by the manufacturer. If you’d like to jump in and give the product a shot regardless, we’d recommend keeping the 30-day return policy in mind going into your purchase. If you find that it doesn’t deliver the functionality you were looking for you’ll be able to return them, as long as you’re okay with losing a bit of cash in shipping and handling fees in the process.

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